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Basic Economics (formerly CitiBASE) (CHASS service)

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May 1, 2015
License Ends: 
April 30, 2016

The database contains over 9,500 monthly, quarterly, or annual time series ending with the latest available observation and going back to 1946, if available. The data are on a national level, taken from over one hundred U.S. Government and private publications. All revisions (of data, concepts, and coverage) made by source agencies are incorporated into the databank.

Interface: CHASS (Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences). CHASS is an online resource for teaching and research in social sciences hosted at the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto. The data is hosted and disseminated by CHASS. Each CHASS subscriber must have data agreements with the respective data providers to access the various datasets.  

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IHS Global Insight, Inc.
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University of British Columbia cancelled June 2016



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