2022 December


Call for Committee members for Controlled Digital Lending Working Group

The Resource Sharing Community is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for up to 8 candidates to serve on the newly formed Controlled Digital Lending Working Group. 

This group  will be responsible for identifying options, challenges, and opportunities associated with CDL, and recommending next steps. The working group will complete its work by June 2023.

Principle objectives:

  • The CDL Working Group will explore the North American CDL landscape and consult with CARL and other consortia to prepare a briefing on CDL outlining:
    • Options for delivering CDL (e.g., Project ReShare, Internet Archive)
    • Challenges (e.g., financial, legal, technical)
    • Opportunities (e.g., sharing of rare materials, increased use of monographs)
  • Create recommendations for COPPUL on whether and how to proceed with CDL.  

Please note this group’s work will also be informed by the work of the Spring 2022 agenda planning working group who have been tasked with planning the March 02 COPPUL spring meeting on controlled digital lending. 

If you have questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact execdir@coppul.ca.  We look forward to receiving your nominations!