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Resource Sharing Community



The COPPUL Resource Sharing Community brings together COPPUL members who have roles in supporting resource sharing (interlibrary loan/document delivery) activity within COPPUL as well as in the national and global context. The RSC works together to promote resource sharing services in academic libraries by formulating policies and procedures, by advancing and supporting emerging trends (e.g., interlibrary loan of e-material), and by addressing relevant copyright, licensing, and delivery issues.

Terms of Reference


Membership to the COPPUL Resource Sharing Community is open to individuals from all COPPUL member institutions. Community membership is at the discretion of each institution and may include more than one person from an institution. Two co-chairs are chosen from the group for a term of two years.  The Community may seek external input and advice as required.

Institutional Contact List: to update your institutional contact, please contact one of the co-chairs.

Community Listserv

Messages for the RSC are posted to coppul_rsc@coppul.ca.


More Information

For more information or to participate in the RSC, please contact one of the co-chairs.

Established 2019