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Job Posting - COPPUL Digital Preservation Network Manager

Job Posting - COPPUL Digital Preservation Network Manager

COPPUL is seeking a Digital Preservation Network Manager.  This is a half-time, two-year position and may be filled as secondment opportunity.

Reporting to the Executive Director, Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL), the Digital Preservation Network Manager will be responsible for overseeing the research, planning, and development of the COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (CDPN) over the next two years. At the end of the development period, the position may become more operational in nature, although research and planning will remain key responsibilities. 

As demand for digital preservation services escalates, COPPUL’s current collaborative digital preservation services are poised for transformation. COPPUL requires an experienced, forward-thinking Manager to oversee and coordinate its expansion in this area.

The Manager will work with the COPPUL Digital Preservation Working Group and host sites to build network capacity and membership; establish and maintain best practices for ingest, storage and retrieval; coordinate communications between participants; advise on digital preservation policy development; and identify, recommend and implement new technologies where appropriate.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and oversee the operation of the CDPN’s storage network, currently comprising 10 nodes running Stanford University’s LOCKSS software
  • Act as CDPN’s primary liaison to the LOCKSS team
  • Work with stakeholders to develop strategic and operational plans and to develop new services for Network members and clients
  • Work with service hosts to plan and implement capacity enhancements as required
  • Coordinate CDPN stakeholder monthly teleconferences and occasional in-person meetings
  • Establish and maintain CDPN administrative web site
  • Develop and maintain documentation
  • Conduct in-person and remote training for CDPN members and clients
  • Implement and maintain network auditing processes; troubleshoot problems as required

Required Qualifications and Expertise

  • Demonstrated familiarity with concepts of distributed digital preservation
  • Demonstrated familiarity with digital preservation standards, models, and technologies
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently on a project from specification to launch; communicate effectively, orally and in writing; and work with all levels of staff who possess a wide variety of expertise
  • Experience working with cross-organizational teams
  • At least two years’ experience in a related environment

 Please send applications to Andrew Waller, COPPUL Executive Director, at execdir@coppul.ca, by Friday, May 1, 2015.