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COPPUL supports an Internet Archive of Canada

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as nearly 300 billion archived web pages. It holds significant collections from several COPPUL members, including the University of Alberta Libraries and the University of Victoria Libraries.

In response to recent political events in the U.S., the Internet Archive is now working to build an Internet Archive of Canada. This represents a prudent choice in a time of political uncertainty and also demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond "the local" when it comes to digital preservation.

COPPUL has been working since 2007 on distributed digital preservation services that directly address threats associated with political and jurisdictional destabilization events, and we continue to work within Western Canada and with partners across this country and beyond to ensure that our communities' documentary heritage remains as safe as possible from political interference and other threats, like natural disasters and cyberattacks.

COPPUL has made a small donation to the efforts of the Internet Archive in establishing an Internet Archive of Canada, and we encourage others to do the same https://archive.org/donate/.

COPPUL members leverage their collective expertise, resources, and influence to increase capacity and infrastructure, and to enhance the learning, teaching, student experiences, and research at member institutions. COPPUL members include 22 university libraries in Western Canada. COPPUL is currently undertaking a major project that aims to transform its current digital preservation activities into a set of comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and sustainable services provided through a COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN).

Corey Davis