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Calls to sit on COPPUL Committees:

COPPUL is seeking members at large for  several committes:

1. The COPPUL Scholarly Communication Working Group (SCWG) is seeking nominations for 2 -3 new members with a strong interest in scholarly communications to serve on this active team. The term is for two years beginning July 1, 2021.

 Nominations should be submitted through  a COPPUL Director by Monday, May 31 along with a brief statement of interest.

More information about the SCWG, including the terms of reference, can be found on the COPPUL website at http://coppul.ca/scholarlycommunications. Please note that these Terms of Reference may change. If you have any questions, please contact Vivian Stieda at execdir@coppul.ca or current SCWG Chair, Robyn HAll (hallr27@macewan.ca).

 2.  Directors are invited to nominate institutional representatives for the inaugural Indigenous Newspaper Publications Working Group. Employing a “relationships first” approach, this initiative aims to expand opportunities for culturally-appropriate access to Indigenous newspapers held in COPPUL Library collections.  We are currently seeking members from approximately 6 COPPUL institutions with:

  • Strong collections of suitable Indigenous newspapers (for instance, excluding already digitized Indigenous newspapers, eg.LAC's projects digitiing Windspeaker, Ha-Silth-Sa, and Turtle Island News, but there are others as well);
  • Staff capacity to support work; and
  • Relationships with campus partners, within or outside the Library, who may be positioned to support engagement with local communities (e.g., faculty members, Indigenous student centres, administrative offices with an Indigenous Engagement mandate)

 Please see the Group’s Terms of Reference for more detailed information. The working group will ideally host its inaugural meeting close to June 21, 2021 (National Indigenous Peoples Day). Nominations should be submitted by COPPUL Directors to execdir@coppul.ca by May 28th at 4 pm.

3. The COPPUL SPAN  Standing Committee is seeking expressions of interest for a Director to serve on the committee (see Committee Terms of Reference). The Standing Committee oversees the operation and development of the Network and works to integrate the Network with related archiving programs nationally and internationally. It also recommends solutions related to holdings disclosure and access/delivery, and develops and monitors a process to select titles for inclusion in the COPPUL SPAN archive. 

The Standing Committee is composed of four representatives of participating full member libraries from more than one province with various areas of expertise (e.g. Library Director, Technical Services, Collections Management, etc.), and of Archive Holders, Builders, and Supporters. We are currently seeking a Director to serve a two year term. Please submit expressions of interest by  Friday May 28th 2021.