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Western Web Archiving Community

Launching Summer 2021. The COPPUL Western Web Archiving Community supports regional collaboration around shared web archiving opportunities and challenges. Members will work in coordination with the Canadian Web Archiving Coalition, CGI-DPN, and other allied communities of practice, to amplify and complement one another's efforts. Membership is open to GLAM organizations in the region with shared interest in documenting the web to support cultural heritage preservation and future research.

 Proposed areas of focus include:

  • Increasing communication and collaboration among web archiving practitioners in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
  • Investigating opportunities for regional collaboration in the development of new and existing web archive collections.
  • Advising the CDSN on opportunities to address gaps in the availability/accessibility of infrastructure and tools needed to support lstewardship of web content.
  • Building capacity to carry out web archiving activities at the regional and local levels, complementing the national-scale efforts of groups like the Canadian Web Archiving Coalition (CWAC).
  • Collaborating with other allied organizations at the local, regional, national, and international levels, as applicable.

Membership TBD.

To learn more or express interest in participating, please contact Rebecca Dickson, Digital Stewardship Network Coordinator (cdsn@coppul.ca).

For more information, see the WWAC Terms of Reference.