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COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Management Committee

As the demand for digital preservation escalates, COPPUL’s current digital preservation services are poised for transformation. The COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN) transformation project is a two-year project commencing August 1st, 2015, that aims to transform COPPUL’s current digital preservation activities into a set of comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and sustainable services provided by a COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN). The COPPUL DPN will accommodate COPPUL members of all sizes, provide a high return on investment for members, and offer flexible and scalable services that suit a broad range of needs.

COPPUL DPN Management Committee
The COPPUL DPN Management Committee consists of the COPPUL DPN Manager, two regular members and both co-chairs of the COPPUL DPWG, one representative from COPPUL Library Directors, and COPPUL’s Executive Director (ex officio). It is the interim governing body for all activities related to the COPPUL DPN transformation project and is responsible, in coordination with COPPUL’s Executive Director and the COPPUL Board of Directors, for overseeing the project's operation and development as described in the COPPUL DPN transformation project project proposal.

Membership of the DPN Management Committee
Members of the COPPUL DPN Management Committee are:

  • Corey Davis, COPPUL Digital Preservation Network Manager
  • John Durno, Head of Library Systems, UVic (COPPUL DPWG)
  • Mark Jordan, Head of Library Systems, SFU (COPPUL DPWG co-chair)
  • Dana McFarland, eResources Librarian, VIU (COPPUL DPWG)
  • Todd Mundle, University Librarian, KPU (COPPUL Board of Directors representative)
  • Bronwen Sprout, Head, Digital Programs and Services, UBC (COPPUL DPWG co-chair)
  • Kristina McDavid, COPPUL Executive Director (ex officio)

All members of the DPN Management Commitee will also actively seek opportunities to promote the COPPUL DPN transformation project within COPPUL and throughout the digital preservation community, work to integrate COPPUL’s DPN with related programs nationally and internationally, and recommend solutions related to technical and organizational issues.

Decisions are made by simple majority vote as required. COPPUL’s Executive Director, at his discretion, may seek final approval from the COPPUL Board of Directors.

Administrative chair of the DPN Management Committee
The COPPUL DPN Management Committee will be chaired for administrative purposes by the COPPUL DPN Manager, who will be responsible for 1) convening all Committee meetings; 2) calling for and preparing agendas for said meetings; 3) recording and distributing minutes; and, 4) ensuring items get brought to a vote as necessary.

COPPUL Digital Preservation Working Group (DPWG) and the DPN Management Committee
The COPPUL DPWG was formed in 2012 to integrate the former Digital Curation and Preservation Task Group and the existing Private LOCKSS Network Steering Committee. And while the COPPUL PLN governance policy will remain technically in place until such time as the COPPUL Board of Directors approves a new governance model, the current work of the COPPUL DPWG will be provisionally focussed to an advisory role for the duration of the COPPUL DPN transformation project. This advisory role will include providing regular feedback regarding project activities, and meeting quarterly or on an as-needed basis with the members of the COPPUL DPN Management Committee, as outlined in COPPUL DPN transformation project communications plan. This advisory role is instituted as a temporary measure to enable the efficient undertaking of the COPPUL DPN transformation project. As part of this project, it is anticipated that a governance body will be established to succeed the COPPUL DPWG, with a correspondingly broad and representative constituency and mandate, and with responsibilities to effectively represent all COPPUL DPN members in their individual and collaborative efforts around digital preservation.

COPPUL DPWG Committees and Interest Groups
The COPPUL DPWG has several sub-groups active in a number of areas, including the COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network (PLN), an Archivematica Interest Group, an Archive-It Interest Group, and a Preservation Policy Interest Group. These groups will remain in place and continue to advance their respective goals. Where appropriate, the COPPUL DPN Manager will liaise with group leads on a regular basis, as outlined in the COPPUL DPN transformation project communications plan, in order to help coordinate their efforts vis-à-vis the COPPUL DPN transformation project. As the governance structure of the new COPPUL DPN begins to emerge as part of this project, it is anticipated that a more formalized sub-committee and working group procedural framework will be established in order to effectively coordinate efforts and strengthen the capacity and operations of the COPPUL DPN and its membership.

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