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Digital Preservation Working Group (DPWG)

Please note: the COPPUL DPWG is currently being restructured and will soon be launched as the Digital Preservation Practitioners Forum (DPPF). See COPPUL DPN proposed working groups in support of the Work Plan 2017-19 for more information.

The Digital Preservation Working Group integrates the former Digital Curation and Preservation Task Group and Private LOCKSS Network Steering Committee.

Statement of Purpose

The work of the Digital Preservation Working Group is informed by significant developments in digital preservation currently underway in the memory institution community. Specific projects among COPPUL members include the COPPUL PLN, CLOCKSS and/or Portico participation, partnership in Synergies, work with Archivematica, Archive-It, pursuit of Trusted Digtial Repository certification, and more. Within this context, the DPWG will:

  • serve as a forum for sharing policies and practices related to digital preservation among COPPUL libraries
  • steward the work of the COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network and other digital preservation platforms
  • develop options for a common approach to digital preservation for COPPUL libraries, with a particular focus on solutions that require system level or inter-institutional cooperation for their effectiveness
  • facilitate discussion of current and emerging topics in preservation, such as preservation of theses and preservation of commercial content
  • facilitate discussion of various digital preservation tools and services and how they combine to form systematic preservation strategies and programs
  • periodically update the COPPUL survey of digital preservation practices in order to increase awareness of needs and preservation strategies among COPPUL libraries

Additional details:

At the March 2012 Board meeting, Directors received a joint recommendation from the PLN and Digital Curation & Preservation Working Groups, that a small task group be formed to consider merging the two groups and recommending membership and a new chair.  The spirit of the recommendation was accepted with the suggestion to minimize process and proceed to setting up the new joint committee.