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Thank you for your interest in working with COPPUL to provide a consortial license for university libraries in western Canada to gain access to your products.  Working with COPPUL offers vendors and publishers substantial savings on marketing.  Once we agree on an offer, we'll use our trusted communication channel to promote the opportunity to our 40 full and affiliate members.  Renewals and invoicing will be streamlined with one point of contact and a single invoice for all participating libraries.  We also sign one license on behalf of all participating libraries, saving you the time of negotiating separate agreements with each institution.  Please review the COPPUL Model License that we use as the basis for our agreements.

In exchange for these administrative savings, we expect discounted pricing and improved terms of access.  We pass all savings along to our members, making your products more affordable for the interested libraries and extending the reach of your resources.

New titles are selected by our members.  We need to hear directly from our members that they are interested in a product so we can be certain there's sufficient interest in the group to make a consortial deal viable.  This saves time for both the COPPUL office and the vendor, so we don't invest time shaping an offer that won't come to fruition.