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Summary: notspec
Relevant License Text:

Not specified. Governed by laws of Canada.

Neither Licensee nor its Authorized Users may forward or disseminate any portion of the Subscribed Materials through electronic or other means, including through the use of mail lists or electronic bulletin boards, , except as is permitted under the doctrine of “fair dealing” under the Canadian Copyright law.  


Summary: notspec
Relevant License Text:

Members may create persistent links to Subscribed Materials for access by Authorized Users from within Secure Networks.

Members and Authorized Users may distribute single copies of individual articles or items of the Subscribed Materials in print or electronic form to Authorized Users. For the avoidance of doubt, classroom handouts shall include the distribution of a copy for teaching purposes to all individual student Authorized Users in a class at a Member.

Members and Authorized users may (a.) incorporate parts of the Subscribed Materials in printed or electronic form in assignments, portfolios, theses, dissertations, teaching, conference presentations, and lectures, with appropriate credit; (b.) make full use, with appropriate credit, of the Subscribed Materials in research and publications for personal, scholarly, educational, or professional use; and (c.) store a single copy of an individual document being part of the Subscribed Materials, including within secure personal Bibliographic Reference Management Systems. For the avoidance of doubt, none of these activities may be undertaken for Commercial Use.

Archival Access

Summary: no