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3.3 Canadian Terms and Conditions

Interlibrary Loan: 

Members may transmit to a non-commercial library single articles, book chapters or portions thereof only for personal educational, scientific, or research purposes (“Interlibrary Loans”). Such transmission shall be reviewed and

fulfilled by Members’ staff, and shall be made by hand, post, fax or through any secure document transmission software, so long as, in the case of any electronic transmission, the electronic file retains the relevant copyright notice. The right set out in this clause does not extend to centralized ordering facilities, such as document delivery systems, nor the distribution of copies in such quantities as to substitute for a subscription or purchase of the distributed Content.

Also 3.2 of the Product terms:  For eBooks in the Collections above, Member(s) may engage in the activities described in 3.3 of the Springer Nature Canada Consortium Terms and Conditions with full eBooks as well as chapters of eBooks, provided that it is in compliance with all other conditions of that clause.


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3.7 Canadian Terms and Conditions

 COURSE PACKS, ELECTRONIC RESERVE, & ELECTRONIC LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS    Members and Authorized Users, subject to section 4 [Prohibited Uses], may incorporate parts of the Licensed Materials in printed and electronic Course Packs and Electronic Reserve collections for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction at a Member, and/or in Electronic Learning Environments hosted on a Secure Network, but not for Commercial Use. Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source. Course Packs in alternate formats may also be offered to Authorized Users that require Accessible Formats.

Archival Access

Summary: yes
Relevant License Text:

10.5.3 of Springer Nature Canada Consortium Terms and Conditions...Licensor will provide continued access to the Licensed Materials for which Perpetual Access was granted in the License Agreement. 

2.2. of Springer Nature Canada Consortium Terms and Conditions for Perpetual Access Rights

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