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CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics License

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a Member Institution may fulfill requests from other institutions, a practice commonly called Interlibrary Loan. A Member Institution may fulfill occasional requests from another library to provide to one of their authorized users, for purposes of research or private study and not for commercial use, a single paper copy of an individual document that is part of the licensed material.  A Member Institution may provide the information by post, fax, or secure electronic transmission using Ariel software, or similar, provided the electronic file is deleted immediately after printing.  Each Member Institution must fulfill such requests in compliance with Canadian Copyright Law.


Summary: yes
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A link (either via uniform resource locator, digital object identifier, or equivalent) to the Licensed Materials may be incorporated in a Member Institution’s electronic reserve.

The Member Institutions may not incorporate all or any part of the Licensed Materials in course packs or in the Member Institution’s electronic reserve without the prior written consent of the Publisher, and any such usage may be subject to further terms and conditions.

Archival Access

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