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Archival Access

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Relevant License Text:

9. Conditions following termination.

C. On the effective date of termination of this Agreement, regardless of the reason for termination, the license granted in this Agreement to use SciFinder Scholar is revoked, and COPPUL will have no rights to continue to use SciFinder Scholar. On the effective date of termination, CAS will de-activate all of COPPUL's SciFinder Scholar loginids. Following termination, COPPUL member will use reasonable efforts to erase and otherwise destroy all copies of SciFinder Scholar in their possession (including archive copies) and provide CAS with written certification of the destruction within a 2 week period. The license to use CAS data that has been accessed through SciFinder Scholar will continue under the terms of Permitted Use Data, as defined in paragraph 1(L), which include the requirement to destroy data at the end of the research project or degree program, whichever is first.


this license is an NDL. Please contact the licensing coordinator for the agreement

No public terminal use - use by walk-in's not allowed

Renewal letters update the license each year.  

Opt-out: If after the first year, any Participating Member of Licensee does not recelve sufficient funding to license SciuF inder for a subsequent year, then CAS agrees to discuss In good faith the account status for the affected Participating Member, however, all other Participating Members will remain committed to the 36-month Term and renewal terms herein.

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