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Peer Review

COPPUL member libraries have diverse needs for developing and maintaining digital preservation policies, which must be sensitive to and compatible with local environments.  A common formula for policy development will not meet needs of all COPPUL members; however sharing experiences and lessons may serve to apply the knowledge, time and resources of the collective to general advantage, assisting members to develop locally appropriate policies for their emerging or formal digital preservation programs.

A subset of the COPPUL DPWG offers peer support for members in the form of “light” peer review or substantive feedback on draft digital preservation policies.

The peer support process provides an informal venue for peers in COPPUL to:

  • discuss and rationalize local approaches, challenges and issues in developing digital preservation policies
  • review diverse approaches taken by peers in developing digital preservation policies [see linked resource – iterative, framework, other approaches as contributed]
  • discover and contribute selected resources in the digital preservation community and assess these for relevance to local requirements.


For COPPUL members interested in the service, please contact:

Mark Jordan, mjordan@sfu.ca
Bronwen Sprout, bronwen.sprout@ubc.ca

Additional Resources

These resources offer guidance to those who are developing digital preservation policies. This list is not intended to be comprehensive but to provide background for local policy development.