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COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN)

The COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN) builds capacity for digital preservation at member institutions by offering world-class preservation infrastructure, education opportunities and advocacy resources, and by connecting local digital preservation activities with regional, national and international efforts.

Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN)

The Council of Prairie and Pacific Libraries' Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN) is a distributed retrospective print repository program. SPAN's main goals are to provide access to shared print archives, create opportunities for the reallocation of library space, and preserve the print record for its members in a cost-effective way. Rather than thinking about the project in terms of preserving the "last copy," this partnership emphasizes the role of the archived print as part of an optimal copy network that includes other print archiving initiatives.

Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA)

Effective May 1, 2002, Canadian university libraries have agreed to extend in-person borrowing privileges to students, faculty and staff from across the country. All  that is required for borrowing is a valid university identification card or a valid participating regional consortia card. Students, faculty and staff should check with the library of their home institution to ensure they have the appropriate identification before visiting another Canadian university library.

How do I get a reciprocal borrowing card? (for students and faculty)

COPPUL/OCUL/CAUL-CBUA/BCI Resource Sharing Agreement

In the interest of developing Canadian resource sharing and promoting common standards, COPPUL, OCUL, CAUL/CBUA and BCI agree to extend reciprocal interlibrary loan / document delivery privileges according to the terms outlined in this document.  As a basic principle, all parties agree to exhaust local resource sharing opportunities before borrowing from each other. Highlights include: Cost: no charge for ILL or DDS; Processing Time: 4 days upon receipt of request. Peak times excluded; Loan Period: Six (6) weeks with possibility of renewal for an additional six (6) weeks. This agreement came into effect October 01, 2019.