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Indigenous Historical Publications Working Group

The Indigenous Historical Publications Working Group is responsible for guiding efforts to improve discovery of, access to, and preservation of publications by and about Indigenous communities on whose lands COPPUL members live and work. These publications may include newspapers, newsletters and various forms of grey literature.

Please see the Terms of Reference for more details.


  • Co-Chair: Kayla Lar-Son, University of British Columbia - until June 2022
  • Co-Chair: Kathryn Ruddock, University of Calgary - until June 2022
  • Tina Bebbington, University of Victoria - until June 2022
  • Paula Daigle, First Nations University - until June 2022
  • Lyle Ford, University of Manitoba - until June 2022
  • Jenna Walsh, Simon Fraser University - until June 2022
  • Doug Brigham, Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN) Coordinator, ex-officio
  • Rebecca Dickson, Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN) Coordinator, ex-officio
  • Deborah Lee, Indigenous Knowledge Coordinator, ex-officio


The meeting minutes are available on Google Drive.

Reports to Directors