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Management Committee

While each archive holder library will retain ownership of its materials, the holdings are subject to shared management. SPAN is run by a Management Committee that includes representatives from four of the participating libraries and at least one COPPUL director. With support from the COPPUL office, this committee oversees the initiative's operation and development, works to integrate SPAN with related archiving programs nationally and internationally, recommends solutions related to holdings disclosure and access/delivery, and develops and monitors a process to select titles for inclusion in the SPAN archive.

SPAN Management Committee

  • Chair: Trish Chatterley (University of Alberta) - until August 2022
  • Kathy Gaynor (Thompson Rivers University) - until August 2021
  • Les Moor (University of Manitoba) - until August 2021
  • Cindy Sjoberg (University of Saskatchewan) - until August 2022
  • Vivian Stieda (COPPUL) - ex officio
  • Doug Brigham (COPPUL) - ex officio
SPAN Management Committee Minutes

The last two years of minutes are available below. Older minutes are available in the archive.

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