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January 1, 2020
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December 31, 2020

The Canadian Historical Review is the oldest, and most prestigious, peer reviewed history journal in Canada. The first issue of the CHR was published in 1920 but it had originated from an earlier publication, Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada, which launched in 1897.

The CHR offers an analysis of the ideas, people, and events that have molded Canadian society and its institutions into their present state. Canada's past is examined from a vast and multicultural perspective to provide a thorough assessment of all influences. As a source for authoritative scholarship, giving the sort of in-depth background necessary for understanding the course of daily events - both for Canadians themselves and for others with an interest in the nation's affairs - the CHR is without rival. The Canadian Historical Review provides comprehensive reviews of books to interest all levels of Canadian historians. Each issue also offers an extensive bibliography of recently published historical writings (including CD and video media) in all areas of Canadian history, conveniently arranged by subject.

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