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November 1, 2019
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October 31, 2020

Produced by the Modern Language Association (MLA), the electronic version of the bibliography dates back to the 1920s and contains millions of citations from journals & series, as well as book publishers. The indexed materials coverage is international, and includes titles and full-text links from J-STOR and Project Muse, Wiley-Blackwell and Taylor & Francis. This resource also contains hundreds of thousands of subject names and terms.

Subjects within the MLA International Bibliography consist of literature, language and linguistics, folklore, film, literary theory & criticism, dramatic arts, as well as the historical aspects of printing and publishing. Listings on rhetoric and composition and the history, theory and practice of teaching language and literature are also included.

As of 2019, MLA is only available through EBSCO.  Canadian consortia issued a joint letter to MLA in response to this decision.

New in 18/19 is MLA Full Text which provides fulll text access to over 1,100 journals. https://www.ebsco.com/products/research-databases/mla-international-bibl... 

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Thursday, October 31, 2019
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6 of the 13 schools on  the 3 year: CMU, Trinity Western Univ, Brandon Univ, UBC, UNBC, SFU, 

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18-19 - Regina joins MLA; TWU and Okanagan College upgrade to FT

19/20 - Full Text - Trinity Western U, Okanagan College, University College of the North