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January 1, 2017
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December 31, 2017

Three journals are included in the AR Economics Collection:

The Annual Review of Economics covers significant developments in the field of economics, including macroeconomics and money; microeconomics, including economic psychology; international economics; public finance; health economics; education; economic growth and technological change; economic development; social economics, including culture, institutions, social interaction, and networks; game theory, political economy, and social choice; agriculture, natural resources, and the environment; industrial organization; the internal organization of firms; risk and insurance; experimental economics; and labor, demography, and retirement. This journal is ideal for economists and other social scientists, as well as those in the fields of business and of public policy, whether in government or in academic life.

The Annual Review of Financial Economics provides comprehensive, forward-looking and critical reviews of the most significant theoretical, empirical, and experimental developments in financial economics, including the fields of capital markets, corporate finance, financial institutions, market microstructure, and behavioral and experimental finance. Perhaps more than in any other branch of the social sciences, the science of financial economics directly influences the practice of financial economics, thereby creating a broad spectrum of practical insights and applications which, when implemented, yields valuable feedback that reinvigorates academic research. Accordingly, this series also covers significant scientific developments in the financial industry and among government agencies. The intended audience includes graduate students and faculty in the economics and finance departments, government regulators and policy makers, and finance professionals.

The Annual Review of Resource Economics provides authoritative critical reviews evaluating the most significant research developments in resource economics, focusing on agricultural economics, environmental economics, renewable resources, and exhaustible resources. This series provides a forum in which leading scholars will evaluate the most important contemporary advances in the field of resource economics. These scholars lay out the most important recent developments, writing with technical precision for a broad audience of scholars across economics and related disciplines.

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