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CHASS - SDA - Microdata Analysis and Subsetting

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May 1, 2021
License Ends: 
April 30, 2022

Microdata Analysis and Subsetting provides interactive access to a growing list of selected microdata files via SDA (Survey Documentation and Analysis) software.

SDA (Survey Documentation and Analysis) is a set of programs for the documentation and web-based analysis of survey data. Many of the data files available from Statistics Canada are available for analysis. SDA@CHASS provides:

  • Among and within datafile variable-level searching
  • Analyses: cross-tabulations, comparison of means, correlations, multiple and logistic regression, with all standard measures of significance, direction etc.
  • Recoding and computing of new variables, including sharing recoded variables with other users
  • Graphic display: bar, pie, line charts
  • Downloading fixed-field or csv format, subsets or entire datafile, and SAS, SPSS and/or Stata syntax, as well as DDI compliant XML
  • Multi-lingual interface and content support

CHASS (Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences). CHASS is an online resource for teaching and research in social sciences hosted at the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto. The data is hosted and disseminated by CHASS. Each CHASS subscriber must have data agreements with the respective data providers to access the various datasets. 

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Statistics Canada
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