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License Begins: 
September 1, 2018
License Ends: 
August 31, 2019

Launched in October 2013, Curio.ca provides access to thousands of programs and documentaries, the best audio and video content CBC and Radio-Canada have to offer. English and French-language content is included, updated weekly, via an educational streaming platform. Material is available in broad categories (art, business, current events, law, education, health, history and geography, sciences, social sciences) and is completely free from advertising. The site can be searched for specific programs or themes to locate exactly what a professor needs. The website is tailored to teaching needs. Professors can elect to set up their own profile and prepare program lists for courses.

Functionalities include:

  • Metadata for easy integration into course systems
  • Options to embed and share content
  • Ability to create multiple playlists
Simultaneous Users: 


Content Types: 
Multi-Consortial Note: 

Consortia Canada license

Notes on Subscribers: 

UCN and Saskatchewan Polytechnic get Curio and also News in Review.

Univ of Regina gets Curio only.