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Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters

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January 1, 2017

This collection provides primary source documents on the frontiers of North America, Africa and Australasia. Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement, & Colonial Encounters brings together documents from 16 archives around the world, including more than 1,015 documents from Glenbow and Hudson Bay’s Archive. There are some 240,000 Images and 7,895 Documents in the collection pertaining to the Frontiers of North America, Africa and Australasia. 68% of the collections details North America, and 20% of that material is specific to Canada. There are more than 1,015 documents from the Glenbow Museum and Hudson Bay’s Archive.

The collection deals with some of the major themes of frontier existence including: Settlement development, Law and order, Violence, Expeditions and exploration, Relations with indigenous peoples, Trade and commerce, Death and disease, Missionaries and religion, Women’s history, Military matters, Mining, Religion, Gold rushes, Settler governance, Contested boundaries, Agriculture and livestock. 

Read the Sept 6 2017 news release at: http://www.amdigital.co.uk/m-news/frontierlife-canada-news/

3 minute video https://youtu.be/VhW-2s0EXf0 

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ConCan deal

18 universities made a one-time perpetual purchase to make this access possible for all libraries, educational institutions, museums, and archives across Canada.

The 18 institutions that supported this initiative are:

Brock University

University of Calgary

Lakehead University

University of Manitoba

McGill University

University of Ottawa

McMaster University

University of Saskatchewan

Mount Royal University

University of Toronto

Ryerson University

University of Victoria

Simon Fraser University

University of Winnipeg

University of Alberta

Wilfrid Laurier University

University of British Columbia

York University

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