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License Begins: 
January 1, 2021
License Ends: 
December 31, 2021

The Canada Info Desk Database is licensed as an annual subscription via the web through Canada’s Information Resource Centre (CIRC).  COPPUL has no participants on this ConCan deal, but can provide pricing and offer it.

CID Complete includes the following Grey House databases:  

  • Canadian Almanac & Directory
  • Associations Canada
  • Governments Canada
  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide
  • Financial Post Directory of Directors
  • Financial Services Canada
  • Canadian Environmental Resource Guide
  • Libraries Canada
  • Health Guide Canada
  • History of Canada
  • Major Canadian Cities Compared & Ranked
  • Careers and Employment in Canada 
  • Canadian Who’s Who
  • Financial Post Bonds:  Corporate (NEW for 2018)
  • Financial Post Bonds:  Government (NEW for 2018)
  • Financial Post Equities:  Preferred and Derivatives (NEW for 2018)
  • Financial Post Survey:  Industrials
  • Financial Post Survey:  Mines and Energy
  • Financial Post Survey:  Predecessor and Defunct

CID Select includes Canadian Almanac & Directory, and then libraries select at least 6 additional databases for a total of 7 databases minimum. More than 7 can be selected if so desired.

Simultaneous Users: 

Unlimited or Simultaneous User Level access.

Content Types: 
Multi-Consortial Note: 

ConCan deal. TAL leads. BCELN, TAL, and CAUL use their consortia.