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License Begins: 
August 1, 2021
License Ends: 
July 31, 2023

A film streaming service for popular movies and classics. Film Studios included: Universal Studies, Walt Disney Studios, MGM Studios,  Sony Pictures, VVS,  Lionsgate Films.

  • Accounts are available either based on automatic IP recognition or through a standard login/password.
  • Hundreds of movies to choose from, additional titles are added on a monthly basis.
  • The majority of new releases are added within 1-2 days of being released in Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Multiple language options are available.
  • Titles can be added upon request.
  • FREE test accounts are available for product evaluation.
  • MARC Records and EZ Proxy capabilities are available.
  • Pre-Releases are NOT AVAILABLE in streaming.
  • Movies can only be shown on campus for student related purposes.
  • All events have to be (nominally) for public performance student related events
  • The public performance license issued to your college / university is meant for INDOOR non-profit movie presentations occurring within your institution (s) and for distance learning, by teachers, personnel and students. This streaming license only covers the movies available on our streaming website, and does not cover the presentation of physical media (i.e. DVDs of titles not available on our streaming website) in a public entertainment context.
FT Titles: 
over 700
Content Types: 
Title Lists: 
Multi-Consortial Note: 

Consortia Canada deal. TAL leads