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McIntyre CanCore Academic Video

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License Begins: 
January 1, 2022
License Ends: 
December 31, 2022

Can-Core has been developed exclusively by McIntyre Media for Canadian post-secondary institutions and provides 90% Canadian content. Previously it was offered as an add on for the Films on Demand database but has now been significantly updated with a separate platform.

Designed for Canadian college and university faculty & students, CAN-CORE is your go-to destination for current and relevant Canadian video content. Our streaming platform features quality programming from many of Canada’s best producers. Educators and students now have an extensive library of Canadian resources to easily integrate into their lectures, labs, research and assignments. CAN-CORE includes the following:

  • 100% Canadian-produced content.
  • Thousands of segments and full programs. AND GROWING!
  • Searchable by subject area and by course.
  • Mobile device friendly.
  • Create and share curated playlists.
  • Tags help users to find related content.
  • A rich source of content about, and by, Canadian Indigenous people.
  • New content added regularly.
  • Embed codes for easy integra on into a LMS.
  • Both segments and full-length programs are searchable.
  • Closed Captioning and interactive transcripts.
  • Downloadable content with expiry dates.
  • Usage data and administrative console to manage your users.
  • Advanced Keyword Search.
  • Resource Guides and Infographics where available.

Access anywhere, anytime.

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BCELN and COPPUL deal. BCELN lead