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Scholarly Communications Working Group

The COPPUL Scholarly Communications Working Group (SCWG) is charged with conducting research into areas of scholarly communications, and making recommendations to the COPPUL Directors for supporting these activities. The SCWG also engages scholarly communication practitioners at COPPUL institutions in a community of practice for networking and relevant continuing education.

To learn more about the SCWG and its activities:

Current COPPUL Scholarly Communications Working Group members:

  • Christie  Hurrell (University of Calgary, 2020/07-2022/06)
  • Ali Moore (Simon Fraser University, 2021/07 -2023/06)
  • Victoria Eke (Concordia University, 2021/07 -2023/06)
  • Erin May (Thompson Rivers University, 2021/07 -2023/06)
  • Tara Stephens-Kyte (University of British Columbia, 2021/07 -2023/06)
  • Kate Langrell (University of Saskatchewan, 2017/07 -2021/06)
  • Christina Winter (University of Regina, 2021/07 -2023/06), Chair
  • Vivian Stieda, Executive Director (Ex officio)