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Web archiving

“The web, as it appears at any one moment, is a phantasmagoria. It’s not a place in any reliable sense of the word. It is not a repository. It is not a library. It is a constantly changing patchwork of perpetual nowness.”  Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic,  April 2015

First deployed in 2006, Archive-It is a subscription web archiving service from the Internet Archive that helps organizations to harvest, build, and preserve collections of digital content. A number of COPPUL libraries have subscribe to Archive-It at a discounted rate negotiated by COPPUL.

COPPUL and the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) have also recently joined forces in a multi-consortial offering of Archive-It. Working together, COPPUL and OCUL are considering ways that they can significantly expand web archiving in Canada.

Participating Institutions

See also the resource page for additional details https://coppul.ca/resources/1159

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For more information, contact the COPPUL Digital Preservation Coordinator:

Corey Davis