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e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection

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License Begins: 
January 1, 2018
License Ends: 
December 31, 2017

The e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection includes at least 100 new electronic books published by Duke University Press in the humanities and social sciences. Customers also receive term access to over 1,500 backlist titles during the years in which they purchase the collection.

Starting in 2014, all current and backlist titles in e-Duke Books will move from ebrary to be accessed on HighWire Press, the longtime host of Duke University Press journal content.

read.dukeupress.edu is the premier site for reading, searching, and sharing Duke University Press’s books online. Here, scholars and the interested public can discover essential contributions and emerging thought in the humanities and social sciences.

All Duke University Press books on this site are fully indexed and discoverable in the major search engines. Any visitor can explore our books, and patrons of purchasing libraries can read any book in their library’s holdings. In addition to hosting the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection, read.dukeupress.edu offers visitors the opportunity to search, browse, and cross-link across all of the Press’s humanities and social science journals and books.

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Beginning in February 2014, monthly COUNTER-compliant usage statistics will be available to institutional customers for the 2014 calendar year. At this time, sample reports are available for review.

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This is a multi-consortium license including CAUL, COPPUL, CREPUQ and OCUL. Lead negotiator: OCUL.

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