Oskâpêwis Mentorship Group

The Oskâpêwis Mentorship program also provides an opportunity for Indigenous library, archive, and other information-related employees and students to form a strong mentoring community. This community allows us to support one another while working and studying in colonial environments.
The Oskâpêwis Mentorship program was created to support early-career Indigenous library, archive, and other information-related employees and Indigenous students in MLIS, MAS, and Library Technician programs. We also welcome the participation of Indigenous information professionals who are farther along in their careers.

Libraries and educational institutions are inherently colonial institutions, and in Canada there is a history and current practice of assimilation tactics and abuse within these systems which have intergenerational impacts. Oskâpêwis organizers aim to develop a safe space to help resolve these challenges. We recognize the desire of non-Indigenous information students and practitioners to support Indigenous colleagues, patrons, and initiatives, however Oskâpêwis Mentorship is only open to Indigenous information students and practitioners.
We welcome new members on an ongoing basis. If you are an Indigenous information student or practitioner who would like to join, please contact COPPUL’s Executive Director at execdir@coppul.ca.

Reconciliation Pole at UBC, Hereditary Chief 7idansuu (James Hart), Haida
Reconciliation Pole, UBC