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  • Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries

    Working together, COPPUL members leverage our collective expertise, resources, and influence, increasing capacity and infrastructure, to enhance learning, teaching, student experiences, and research at our institutions.

Strategic Directions


COPPUL leverages resources, expertise, and infrastructure across member libraries to support and enhance teaching, learning, student experience, and research on our campuses.


We identify areas of intersection across the membership. We embrace opportunities for learning, engagement, and collaboration with new and existing partners. Recognizing our shared commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility as well as Truth, and Reconciliation, we diversify our programs and services to provide value across the membership. We work to broadly communicate our strategies, initiatives, and successes and to care for COPPUL to ensure its long-term vitality.

Link to full Strategic Directions: COPPUL Strategic Directions

Collective Collections

Collective Collections

2021-10-31 09:49

COPPUL will embark on an evolution from Collaborative Collections toward Collective Collections. We will seek to inform and enrich local collections decisions through collective work. We will support members as they navigate the evolving collections landscape, through efficient and innovative e-resource licensing models, shared print archiving initiatives and resource sharing.

Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation

2021-10-31 09:53

COPPUL will further develop resources and services to help members stay abreast of developments in this rapidly evolving area and to realize their digital preservation goals. COPPUL will contribute to national and international digital preservation discussions and initiatives, representing the interests of COPPUL members and sharing the learning that has resulted from COPPUL collaborations. Capacity-building, infrastructure development and education are key areas of focus. We will seek out new partnerships and find opportunities to connect digital preservation initiatives with COPPUL’s Collaborative Collections and Indigenous Knowledge work.

Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge

2021-10-31 09:56

COPPUL will support member libraries in their respective efforts to respectfully work with Indigenous Peoples to change practices to more accurately represent Indigenous knowledge systems, worldviews and cultures. Recognizing that relationships with Indigenous communities are essential and inherently local, COPPUL will help to facilitate discussion, learning and information-sharing. We will work to ensure Indigenous knowledge is a part of the work we do in other strategic areas. COPPUL will strive to support Indigenous librarians and library/archival students. We will embrace opportunities for collaboration beyond our libraries.

Benefits of Membership

The consortium comprises 23 university libraries located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, plus 16 affiliate members that participate in e-resource licensing only.

Discounted pricing and favourable terms

On all licensed resources

Networking and information sharing

For directors and staff of member libraries

Shared expertise to advance collaborative projects

In areas such as digital preservation and shared print archiving

Opportunity to participate in working groups/committees

In areas such as collection development, digital preservation and Indigenous knowledge

Workshops and continuing education sessions

For staff at member libraries

Connecting and coordinating

With regional consortia in other parts of Canada


Congratulations to Christina Winter: Winner of the 2024 COPPUL Outstanding Contribution Award

Congratulations to Christina Winter: Winner of the 2024 COPPUL Outstanding Contribution Award

2024-06-25 08:22

The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) is pleased to congratulate Christina Winter as the recipient of the 2024 COPPUL Outstanding Contribution Award. This award, given annually to an individual or team working in a member library, recognizes exemplary contributions to the consortium.

Our Community of Practice is growing!

Our Community of Practice is growing!

2024-06-19 05:55

Over the past six months the CDSN Community of Practice Planning Committee has hosted three digital preservation mixers for practitioners to make connections and share resources.