Digital Stewardship Network Standing Committee

The CDSN Standing Committee guides COPPUL's overall efforts to build capacity for digital preservation. It provides expert advice and strategic insight to the CDSN Coordinator, Executive Director, and the Board. Membership consists of a balance of experts and those seeking to expand their knowledge of the preservation landscape.


The COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN) builds capacity for digital preservation at COPPUL member institutions. We help our members preserve, manage, and provide access to their digital collections by:

  • Offering a world-class suite of technology, infrastructure, and services
  • Creating a vibrant community of practice
  • Increasing awareness among a wide range of stakeholders
  • Offering educational and professional development opportunities
  • Collaborating with allied organizations across Canada and the world


  • Hongxing (Bill) Geng, Athabasca University
  • Wei Xuan, University of Winnipeg
  • Kenton Good, University of Alberta
  • Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University
  • Gabrielle Prefontaine, University of Winnipeg (Chair)
  • Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia
  • Dale Storie, University of Regina
  • Vivian Stieda, COPPUL (ex officio)
  • Rebecca Dickson, COPPUL (ex officio)
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