The COPPUL Outstanding Contribution Award may be given annually to an individual or team, working in a member library, to recognize exemplary contributions to the consortium.


Individuals currently employed by COPPUL member institutions.
Note: Current directors of COPPUL libraries and COPPUL staff are not eligible.

Criteria: Contributions should enhance service in multiple COPPUL libraries, i.e. have an impact within the region.

Procedures: A call for nominations will be sent out before November 15 each year to all COPPUL listservs. Nominations can be made by staff of any COPPUL member library, and should be no more than two pages in length.

Nominations must include

  • Name of individual being nominated, and home institution
  • Description and impact of the exemplary contribution to the COPPUL mission
  • Other supporting/relevant documentation
  • Name of nominator and home institution
  • One letter of support (the ‘seconder’)

Deadline for nominations: January 31 of each year

Nominations are to be sent to the COPPUL Office. Discussion of the award will be led by the Director(s) of the institution(s) employing the nominee(s) at the Spring meeting. A decision will be made by majority vote of the members present at that meeting. All nominations will remain confidential to the COPPUL Directors and staff. The award will consist of a letter of congratulations and a cheque for $200.

Award Winner

2023: Jaclyn McLean, University of Saskatchewan

Previous Winners

2022: Brenda Smith, Thompson Rivers University

2021: Robyn Hall, MacEwan University 
2020: Sarah Dupont, University of British Columbia
2018: Dana McFarland, Vancouver Island University
2017: Lisa Petrachenko, University of Victoria 
2016: Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia
2014: Leonora Crema, University of British Columbia
2011: Mary Westell, University of Calgary
2010: Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University
2009: Denise Koufogiannakis, University of Alberta
2008: Chuck Humphrey, University of Alberta, and Gwen Bird, Simon Fraser University