SPAN Standing Committee


The SPAN Standing Committee will be responsible for overseeing the operation and development of the Shared Print Archiving Network Program, works to integrate the Program with related archiving programs nationally and internationally, recommends solutions related to holdings disclosure and access/delivery, and develops and monitors a process to select titles for inclusion in the COPPUL SPAN archive.


The committee is composed of 4 representatives from full COPPUL member institutions, one of whom must be a COPPUL Director or Associate University Librarian. Individuals will have experience and/or interest in collection management or technical services, and will preferably have been involved with SPAN work at their own institution. When possible, membership will consist of a balance of experts and those who wish to expand their knowledge. Representation from each province is preferred but not mandatory, as is representation from various sizes of libraries.

The term of service is 2 years, once renewable. Members’ terms are staggered to allow for continuity, and new terms begin in August of each year. Members’ names will be posted on the COPPUL website by the Executive Director.

The COPPUL Executive Director, the COPPUL SPAN Coordinator and SPAN Assistant will serve as ex officio members of the committee.

Calls for new members will be made by the Executive Director in May of each year and communicated broadly across the membership. New member nominations, including self-nominations, are reviewed by the committee members and an appointment recommendation is made to the Board. The Board approves all new nominations.


  • Trish Chatterley, University of Alberta. Co-Chair until August 2023
  • Dale Storie, University of Regina. Co-Chair Until August 2024
  • Les Moor, University of Manitoba. Until August 2023
  • Cindy Sjoberg, University of Saskatchewan. Until August 2024
  • Lisa Petrachenko (University of Victoria. Until August 2023
  • Vivian Stieda (COPPUL), ex officio
  • Interim Coordinator – Sarah Stang (COPPUL), ex officio
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