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License Begins: 
August 1, 2016
License Ends: 
July 31, 2017

Books 24x7 is a database of full-text, e-books in the fields of computing, business, and information technology.

Simultaneous Users: 

Unlimited or concurrent user access options.

Chron coverage: 
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Content Types: 
FullText, Ebooks
Title Lists: 

Title lists (May 2017, 11 collections)

Multi-Year Contract: 
Monday, July 31, 2017
Multi-Year Notes: 

Payment Terms ProQuest shall invoice COPPUL on the Start Date of this Order Form, and if applicable each twelve month anniversary of the Subscription Term, in the amount of the Annual Subscription Fee, plus applicable taxes, and such amount shall be due and payable 100% net 30, from the date of invoice. All pricing is in US Dollars.

Early Termination: If the funding of one or more of COPPUL participating members is materially reduced and COPPUL thereby becomes unable to pay future amounts payable pursuant to this Order Form, COPPUL may give SkillSoft thirty (30) day advance written notice of termination before the start of Year 2 (August 1, 2014) and this Agreement shall terminate effective 30 days after the giving of such notice.  No further Annual Subscription Fee will be due after the termination.

TERMINATION OF PERVOUIS LICENSES.  Effective August 1, 2013 the Subscription Services Order Form dated August 1, 2012 shall be terminated of no further force or effect. 

Notes on Subscribers: 

16/17 - all users unlimited model except Kwantlen, MUN, and Saskatchewan on CU model.

16/17 - SAIT, Calgary, UBC cancel

15/16 - Concordia, Regina, SFU cancel