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Collections Community

Chair:  Francine May, Mount Royal University (May 2021  - April 2023)

COPPUL Collections CommunityTerms of Reference


The Collections Community will provide support and guidance across its community:

  •  Monitor trends in library collections services in order to generate ideas for enhancement of collections initiatives at the consortium level.
  • Make recommendations to the COPPUL board on policies or strategic initiatives that could be resolved through collective action.
  • Serve as a forum for sharing information about collection management issues and best practices for licensing electronic resources at both the consortium and institutional levels.
  • Organize webinars on collections issues to support the work of the collections staff at COPPUL member organizations.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other COPPUL committees and working groups as needed to carry out the above.


Membership is open to any interested individual.

Calls for new members will be made by the executive director and communicated broadly across the membership.


The Collections Community communicates over the the COPPULCC@Coppul.ca list. To be added to this list, please send a request to execdir@coppul.ca.


Elected by the group for a two-year year term, renewable, subject to approval by the Board . In the event a chair cannot be found, a call to the COPPUL membership will be made. Calls for new Chairs will normally be made in January for a March start date.

Duties include:

  • In consultation with the committee members, schedule dates, times and location for meetings.
  • In consultation with the community members establish and confirm an agenda for each meeting (above links to guidelines only, and are not a required format).
  • Ensure the meeting agenda and relevant documents are circulated to the members of the committee 3-5 days in advance of the meeting
  • Officiate and conduct meetings
  • Provide leadership & ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and that the committee complies with its responsibilities


The community reports to the board through the Executive Director. The chair provides a written report to the directors twice a year in the spring and fall to report on activities.

Meetings and Work Processes

Meetings will be held at least every two months or as needed to advance work. Meetings will be held virtually unless otherwise approved by the board. The chair will post agendas and related documents in the COPPUL Collections Community shared drive for members to comment and provide feedback on. The community will set priorities for discussions and issues to address throughout the year. The COPPUL shared drive is maintained by the Executive Director.


The Executive Director will set up a mailing list for the community to communicate internal committee business. To ensure COPPUL opportunities and events are broadcast to the broader COPPUL community, community Chairs are also encouraged to use COPPUL-L to communicate all other committee information. All committee members will be added to the COPPUL-L list upon request.


In the event that a community requires a budget to move its agenda forward, it will work with the Executive Director to develop an annual budget to bring to the board for approval. Funds raised by members outside COPPUL membership fees are addressed in the Net Assets and Reserves Funds policy as follows: “Unearned Revenue represents funds collected in advance by a specific COPPUL program and normally reserved for use by that program. Expenditures of Unearned Revenue must be approved by the board.”


COPPUL communities are a wholly dependent initiative of COPPUL, with the exception of ACCOLEDS, and are subject to its bylaws. The working group chair reports to the executive director who seeks approval and feedback for committee activities from the board. Working Groups are subject to the directions that the board may provide from time to time, either directly or through the executive director.


The community may be dissolved at any time and for any reason by direction of the Board and in accordance with COPPUL bylaws.  Reasonable notice must be given to participants and, if applicable, staff. Any secondment and/or employment contracts associated with the working group, and any associated terms of service or other contractual documents must include an appropriate clause approved by the board to enable the timely and orderly dissolution of the community.

Updated and approved by the COPPUL Board June 14, 2021