Can my library join COPPUL?

There are two levels of membership in COPPUL, full and affiliate.  Both are described in the Membership Section of our website. 

How can I obtain statistical reports?

CARL creates annual statistical reports on behalf of COPPUL members. Please contact the COPPUL office if you require the password.

How do I get a COPPUL card?

The COPPUL office does not issue cards directly to students or faculty from member libraries.  You will need to arrange your card with the library at your home institution.  Please see information on our Reciprocal Borrowing program.

I am a vendor or publisher. Is COPPUL interested in licensing my products?

See Information for Vendors.

My library already belongs to COPPUL. How do I get information about joining programs we don’t currently participate in?

The criteria for participation in COPPUL programs varies.  Some are operated on a pay-as-you-go basis, so there is an additional fee associated with joining.  Please contact the COPPUL office.  We’ll be pleased to hear from you!

My library is a member of COPPUL. How can I see the licenses my library participates in?

In order to see which licenses and products are associated with your library you need to go to Consortia Manager (to be activated in June 2022) where COPPUL manages its license agreements and invoicing information. Please contact your collections librarian to get more information on how to access Consortia Manager.