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Terms and Conditions Document(s)


Summary: no
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not allowed - see 6.1


Summary: yes
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Course packs and scholarly use.

5.2.5     To reproduce insubstantial and limited amounts of the Intelligence in the Authorised User’s own course work, reports, essays, projects and similar materials which he or she creates for academic purposes only.

5.2.6.     In the case of faculty only, to reproduce a reasonable portion of any individual work or item within the Intelligence in course packs in hard copy and electronic form and to distribute such course packs to Authorised Users only. Subscriber and Faculty may create persistent links to sections of the Intelligence for e-reserves or course management access by Authorized Users from within Secure Networks.


Archival Access

Summary: no

90 day notification to leave the deal within a multi-year agreement.

Walk-in users not allowed.  

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