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C.II. Licensees shall be permitted to use a limited amount of the Licensed Materials to fulfill occasional requests from other institutions in compliance with applicable copyright law. Electronic transmission of Psychiatryonline content to unauthorized users or to another library outside a Licensee’s secure network is permissible only by use of a secure electronic system such as Ariel or secure post-to-Web or other prevailing technology that creates a document for one‐time use and does not allow storage of the electronic version. Licensees must agree that copyright notices will be sent on all interlibrary loan transmissions. Non‐secure electronic transmission of files is not permitted. Any transmission of an epub (eBook) file is not permitted.


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Links only

C.i. print distribution of content in course packs are prohibited without explicit approval. Links may be provided to Authorized Users for educational purposes via secure third‐party proxy servers.  For inclusion in course packs or similar use, the Licensees and the Authorized Users are permitted to print one hard copy (or bookmark a digital copy) and share such hard copy or bookmark with third parties to the same extent as the print edition or to the extent permitted under fair use provisions of the Copyright Laws of the United States codified in title 17 of the U.S. Code, or for Canadian institutions, comparable Canadian Copyright Law , which is party to both the Universal Copyright Convention and the Berne Copyright Convention.  The production of multiple copies for print coursepacks is prohibited without explicit approval.

Archival Access

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but only via LOCKSS

APA acknowledges that Licensees may participate in the LOCKSS system for archiving digitized journal publications. To benefit from this support, the Licensee must install a LOCKSS cache at their Institution. (See http://lockss.stanford.edu for further information.) the Licensee may perpetually use the LOCKSS system to archive and restore Psychiatryonline content, so long as the Licensee's use is otherwise consistent with this Agreement. APA further acknowledges and agrees that, in using the LOCKSS system, Psychiatryonline content may be made available to other LOCKSS system participants who indicate a right to the subscribed Psychiatryonline content. In the event of cancellation of non-journal content, the Subscriber and Licensees may obtain one (1) static copy of the Licensed Materials in the LOCKSS system format containing content published between the Service Date and termination date of this Agreement. The archival file may be used only in accordance with the same terms and conditions that govern the use of Licensed Materials under this Agreement. Licensee are authorized to make such further copies of the archival file in perpetuity as needed for purposes of archival preservation, refreshing, or migration, including migration to other formats solely for continued use and/or archival retention of the data and does not violate or extend the use rights contained in this Agreement.


ConCan license.

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