Join us for a COPPUL webinar: How Anti-Racist Education Matters for Academic Libraries

June 30, 2020

In response to recent world events, the COPPUL Indigenous Knowledge Standing Committee and Deborah Lee, IK Coordinator, are pleased to host the following webinar on July 08 at 10 am PDT; 11 am MDT; noon CDT; and 1:00 pm EDT

How do race and racism matter in our educational institutions, including libraries? What are the discourses that uphold inequality? What are some limits of current educational practices? How can non-Indigenous people advocate for Indigenous education?

Presented by Verna St Denis  and Sheelah McLean.

Feedback from participants:I just wanted to let you know that I thought this was a really incredible presentation. I've watched about half of it again, and there is SO much in there, I expect I will be watching it a few times more. The opportunity that we were given during the presentation for reflection is a lovely gift, but also a subtle reminder that I, as a white settler, need to be so much more proactive in finding ways to challenge and dismantle the racism that informs our very identities. I really appreciate that Dr.s St. Denis and McLean gave this presentation. Thank you!Sincerely,

Lucinda Johnston