Lisa Petrachenko Winner of 2017 COPPUL Outstanding Contribution Award

March 30, 2017

VANCOUVER March 30, 2017 —The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) recognized Lisa Petrachenko of the University of Victoria Libraries with its 2017 Outstanding Contribution Award. This award, which may be given annually to an individual or team working in a member library, recognizes exemplary contributions to the consortium. These contributions should enhance service in multiple COPPUL libraries and have an impact throughout the region.

Ms. Petrachenko was awarded for her contributions in the area of library collections. Ms. Petrachenko’s nominators spoke of her vision, leadership and commitment to COPPUL’s mission and values, as well as her role as a trusted colleague and mentor. Ms. Petrachenko has contributed to many COPPUL initiatives including the Shared Print Archive Network and e-Book Task Group. She has served on COPPUL’s Collections Committee since 2008. Ms. Petrachenko has represented COPPUL on the Canadian Research Knowledge Network Content Strategy Committee since 2011. Working collaboratively with stakeholders and vendors, Ms. Petrachenko has facilitated expanded access to collections and resources through a number of innovative initiatives, enhancing teaching, learning, student experiences and research. Ms. Petrachenko was instrumental in the establishment of the “Points to the Past” agreement in 2014, which resulted in free perpetual access to almost 200 million pages of digital historical content for all British Columbia and Yukon residents and now serves as a model for similar initiatives. As a frequent presenter at meetings and conferences, Ms. Petrachenko is a champion for important projects at the local, regional and national levels.

Collections Committee Chair Michael Shires noted Ms. Petrachenko’s varied and long-standing service: "Lisa has been an engaged and valuable member of COPPUL's Collections Committee for 9 years. In particular her work on COPPUL's SPAN monograph and serials weeding projects have been extremely beneficial and will undoubtedly have a long-lasting impact." Board Chair Mary-Jo Romaniuk added, “Lisa is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and access to information. Her wealth of experience and her creative, collegial approach have contributed to the success of numerous COPPUL initiatives and the advancement of our strategic directions.”