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License Begins: 
July 1, 2020
License Ends: 
June 30, 2021

The ACM Digital Library (DL) is a comprehensive collection of full-text articles and bibliographic records covering the fields of computing and information technology. The full-text database includes the complete collection of ACM's publications, including journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newsletters, and multimedia titles and currently consists of:

  • 340,000 Full-text articles
  • 2.0+ Million Pages of full-text articles
  • 20,000+ New full-text articles added each year
  • 44+ High Impact Journals with 2-3 new journals being launched each year
  • 275+ Conference Proceedings Titles added each year
  • 2,000+ Proceedings Volumes
  • 8 Magazines (including the flagship Communications of the ACM, the most heavily cited publication in the field of computing according to Thomson-Reuters)
  • 37 Technical Newsletters from ACM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • 4,600+ Video files
  • 455 Audio files

In addition to the full-text database, the ACM Digital Library is heavily integrated with and includes unrestricted access to the Guide to Computing Literature bibliography.

The ACM Digital Library includes reference linking though CrossRef, integration with the ACM Computing Reviews database, index terms using ACM's Computing Classification Scheme (CCS), alerting and TOC services, and all export formats including BibTex, Endnote, and ACM Ref, as well as OpenURL compliance, and COUNTER III and SUSHI Compliant usage statistics.

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Usage Stats: 

Usage statistics (from July 1, 2005 onwards) are available online. A password and username are required, which are available for your institution upon request from COPPUL.


In 2015, ACM has simplified its pricing structure and will move from the old 7-tier pricing model to a new 3-tier format.  As of July 1st, 2015, each institution's tier profile has been calculated based on their reported 2014 use.  

Content Types: 
Index, FullText, Media
Title Lists: 

The ACM Digital Library contains every article and publication published by ACM from 1954 to present.

18/19 Title list updated July 2018: complete list of all ACM publications currently available in the ACM Digital Library.

Multi-Year Contract: 
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Multi-Year Notes: 

1 year: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

3 year: Brandon University, University of Manitoba, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, Univerisity of Winnipeg

Opt-out clause

The licence for the 2015-2018 renewal states states that up to 5 3-year schools can cancel in any year. So, in practice, up to 10 schools can cancel, 5 in 2019-2020 and another 5 in 2020-2021.  This will likely be the same wording in the new licence. They don’t want to be more flexible on this as they say that their discount is 70% or so off list. In the past 3 years, there were no mid-term cancellations.

Multi-Consortial Note: 

Consortia Canada license

Notes on Subscribers: 

Please contact COPPUL regarding all subscription-related matters.