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License Begins: 
August 1, 2017
License Ends: 
July 31, 2018

All members receive the Skillsoft STEM & Business Bundle for Academic Libraries which includes;

  1. ITPro (14,000+ eBooks from 250+ publishers)
  2. IT & Digital Skills (41,000+ instructional videos from certified industry experts)
  3. EngineeringPro (4,100+ eBooks from over 100 publishers)
  4. BusinessPro (11,000+ eBooks from 260 publishers)
  5. FinancePro (1,800+ eBooks from 84 publishers)
  6. Leadership Channel (3,500+ videos and 5-6 Live Events per year)
  7. New Skillsoft Business Book Summaries (400+ popular business book summaries in our new format)
Simultaneous Users: 

Unlimited or concurrent user access options.

Chron coverage: 
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Content Types: 
FullText, Ebooks
Title Lists: 

Title lists (May 2017, 11 collections)

MARC update Sept 2017 (Skillsoft no longer offers the products in Red as separate collections, and “ExecSummaries” is now called “Skillsoft Book Summaries” (included in the COPPUL bundle)

Partner integration 2017

Notes on Subscribers: 

16/17 - all users unlimited model except Kwantlen, MUN, and Saskatchewan on CU model.

16/17 - SAIT, Calgary, UBC cancel

17/18 - Saskatchewan Polytechnic, University of Saskatchewan, MacEwan University cancel

15/16 - Concordia, Regina, SFU cancel