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June 1, 2016
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December 31, 2017

The first edition of The Statesman's Yearbook was inspired by the historian and essayist Thomas Carlyle. His proposal was enthusiastically supported by William Gladstone. Their vision for the book was an authoritative and accessible volume containing information essential for diplomats, politicians and all those involved with international affairs. It quickly gained recognition as an indispensable reference tool and has been published annually since 1864. It was ranked by Library Journal as one of the top 20 best reference resources of the millennium.

Today, international affairs concern every one of us and the scope of The Statesman's Yearbook has become correspondingly broader, with expanded coverage of history, politics, economics, trade and infrastructure for each country, all thoroughly researched and verified by a dedicated editorial team.

In 2002 The Statesman's Yearbook launched its first website. This has evolved into a modern, dynamic product that is updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of key world developments. It provides extensive further reading lists and more than 1,500 web links for further research. Recent additions to the website include a brand new feature, the monthly Editor’s Spotlight, focusing on major anniversaries in modern history, a timeline of the main natural disasters that have afflicted the world in recent years, a detailed account of the key events that constituted the credit crunch chronology, an essay by editor Dr Barry Turner on whether online competition is putting newspapers at risk and a fact sheet on the news media.

In a world when opinion and propaganda can be overwhelming, The Statesman's Yearbook remains the first point of reference for reliable, concise information on any country in the world.

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