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Very Short Introductions

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License Begins: 
July 1, 2020
License Ends: 
June 30, 2021

Part of the ConCan OUP Databases renewal. Very Short Introductions are the perfect starting point to a wide variety of subjects: from Climate to Consciousness, Game Theory to Ancient Warfare, Privacy to Islamic History, Globalization to Literary Theory. They are now available online, offering scholars and students OUP's premier publishing series in an easily discoverable, fully cross-searchable, and highly accessible format. This online resource brings together over 300 titles from this well-known and established series.

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One user means that one person at a time can access the VSIs. Access is limited by the whole product, not by individual title.

University of Victoria downgraded from unlimited to 5 SU

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Consortia Canada License. OCUL lead

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