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SAGE Knowledge Evidence Based Acquisition

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License Begins: 
January 1, 2021
License Ends: 
December 31, 2022

The Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) program offers access to the entire SAGE Knowledge complete collection of ebooks and reference for a year (almost 5,000 books) for a prepaid price (based on FTE tier). The prepaid cost is the minimum pre-paid fund required to participate in the EBA Program and gain access to the Complete Collection of Books, Reference and Navigator  for 12 months.  SAGE provides technical support to either load MARC records or setup Discovery systems to make the collection over almost 5,000 titles discoverable to your users.

The prepaid price is then to be spent to purchase titles at the end of the EBA term. Schools have access to detailed statistics to decide what titles they want to purchase. The EBA differs from a DDA because it isn’t a usage trigger that determines the purchase of a book; librarians make the final decision what will be purchased.  Use this pre-paid fund to purchase titles or collections, based on usage, of your choosing. Only the deposit amount worth of books needs to be purchased. The discount on titles is a minimum 10% discount (and increases depending on TAL, ELN, COPPUL participation)

FT Titles: 
over 5,800
Content Types: 
Title Lists: 
Notes on Subscribers: 

18-19 Sept program - COPPUL: Regina; TAL: Mount Royal . BCELN: Cancels: Thompson Rivers 

18-19 Jan program - COPPUL: Winnipeg cancels, BCELN: Okanagan College, Capilano University, SFU,  TRU,  Cancels: UFV (ELN); TAL: Northern Lakes College 

19-20 Sept program: COPPUL: Regina cancels,  TAL: Mount Royal rejoins