Full membership in COPPUL is open to the libraries of Universities Canada-accredited degree granting universities within western Canada.   Membership entitles the library to full participation in all COPPUL programs, attendance at membership meetings and eligibility for election to the Board.  For more information about the application process, please contact the COPPUL office.

Affiliate membership is open to the library of any non-profit Canadian college or university. The 2020/21 annual membership fee for affiliates is $561.  Affiliate members participate in COPPUL licenses for electronic resources, but do not attend COPPUL meetings, have voting privileges, or participate in any other COPPUL programs.  To apply for affiliate membership, the library director should send a letter to the COPPUL Executive Director stating that the library would like to join and including a brief outline of the institution and library, e.g. the FTE count, degree levels, areas of specialization, size of library holdings, and number of staff.  The application will be reviewed and put to a vote at the COPPUL board meeting.  There is a membership agreement that the library director must sign if the application is accepted.