Announcing the COPPUL Preservation Storage Advisory Group

November 6, 2018

VICTORIA November 6, 2018 - On behalf of Todd Mundle, Chair of the COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN) Steering Committee, COPPUL is excited to announce the formation of the COPPUL Preservation Storage Advisory Group.

At COPPUL we believe that it takes a community to tackle the grand challenges associated with preserving digital information for future generations, and through our investments in the COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN), we help build and support community-based digital preservation infrastructure in the region and across the country.

As part of our commitment to community, we've formed the COPPUL Preservation Storage Advisory Group to oversee our efforts in the critical area of preservation storage services and infrastructure. This important group will advise the CDSN on:

  • Long-term strategies for the development, positioning and use of the WestVault preservation storage service
  • The development of new preservation storage services
  • Opportunities to integrate preservation storage services with other digital research infrastructure
  • Opportunities to align and integrate with other preservation storage services
  • Funding opportunities for developing or enhancing preservation storage infrastructure within COPPUL, and in partnership with other organizations
  • Developments in storage systems that may impact COPPUL services
  • The possible impact of commercial cloud service providers on COPPUL services

We are very pleased to announce membership of group as follows:

  • Mark Jordan, Systems Librarian, Simon Fraser University
  • Valla MacLean, Humanities Librarian and University Archivist, MacEwan University
  • Steve Marks, Digital Preservation Librarian, University of Toronto
  • Nancy McGovern, Head of Curation and Preservation Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Annie Murray, Associate University Librarian for Archives & Special Collections, University of Calgary
  • Umar Qasim, Digital Preservation Officer, University of Alberta
  • Bronwen Sprout, Head of UBC Library Digital Programs and Services, University of British Columbia

Each of these members brings significant expertise and experience on the range of issues within the mandate of the group. Full Terms of Reference for the group are available at

For more information, contact the COPPUL Digital Preservation Coordinator:

Corey Davis