COPPUL 2021 Outstanding Contribution Award

March 9, 2021
COPPUL 2021 Outstanding Contribution Award

The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) is delighted to recognize Robyn Hall of MacEwan University, with its 2021 Outstanding Contribution Award. This award, which may be given annually to an individual or team working in a member library, recognizes exemplary contributions to the consortium. These contributions should enhance service in multiple COPPUL libraries and have an impact throughout the region.

Ms. Hall was awarded for contributions in the area of scholarly communications, in particular for her leadership role in developing the COPPUL SkillShare workshops, and spearheading the COPPUL Scholarly Communications Working Group blog, to facilitate information sharing within the community . Her worked has helped elevate COPPUL's position as a leader in scholarly communication.

COPPUL colleagues note that Robyn is a very calm, clear-headed thinker who quietly but deftly moves agendas forward to ensure events like SkillShare Day and blogs are done competently. Her commitment to COPPUL work and her professionalism have helped shape COPPUL’s scholarly communications agenda. Robyn also played a key role in helping advance the Open Education Resources work of COPPUL.

Kathy Gaynor, Thompson Rivers University Librarian and Elaine Fabbro, Athabasca University Librarian both noted that Robyn was instrumental in shifting the focus from Open Access Week events at member libraries to the Regional Training Day (now called SkillShare) to support, mentor and nurture the knowledge base of librarians working in the scholarly communication field. “That moment was a lightning rod moment for the working group and revitalized the members. The SkillsShare event has since become the “go to” event for scholarly communications librarians in the region.” Kathy further noted that Robyn exemplifies the collegial and collaborative spirit that is the essence of what it means to be a COPPUL member. Robyn is forward thinking, shares knowledge and expertise and builds capacity and infrastructure to enhance learning, teaching, student experiences, and research at our institutions.

Through her dedication and commitment to the success of the working group, and COPPUL at large, Robyn has ably led the group since 2017, demonstrating initiative, creativity, and professionalism.